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Domain Name Transfer costs $10.00 including 1-YEAR renewal. We will add one year to your domain expiration date on top of the time remaining on your existing term. (EXAMPLE : If your domain expires in September 2012, it will be extended to September 2013. You do not lose one day.)  

Transferring a domain is a very simple process.

First, prior to submitting your domain name to be transferred to us, you must do the following at the losing registra:

1.  Check the admin email address for the domain name to make sure it is valid and active.
2.  If your domain name is set up with Whois privacy, please disable it.
3.  If you are using an email forwarding feature with the losing registrar, make sure that the email address is not
connected to the domain name you are transferring. In most cases the losing registrar will discontinue the email forwarding feature while you are in the process of transferring your domain. The DNS, however, will remain unchanged.
4.  Unlock the domain name.
5.  Get the authorization code. The authorization code will be requested by us at a certain time in the process.
6.  If you have several domain names and you wish to transfer (bulk transfer) to make it much easier for you, rather than providing us with the authorization code for each domain name, you can have all of the domain names use the same code.

1.  Please go to www.NextRegister.com and click on Domain Manager  and log into your account.
2.  Click on ‘Search’, and then click the Transfer Domain tab.
3.  In the text field, enter the domain name that you want to transfer, and then click Next.
4.  On the Transfer your domains page, click the checkbox beside the name, and then click Done. The domain name is added to your shopping cart. Review the items in your shopping cart, and then click Done.
5.  On the Summary page, enter your payment information, and then click Buy Now to complete the registration process. The cost for the transfer includes renewal for one year from the domain name’s original expiry date. Note: Your credit card statement will show SHOPCO Store Name as the merchant for this purchase.
6.  An email is sent to you that includes information about how to confirm the transfer. Click the link in the message and use the domain name and password in the email to log in and confirm the transfer.
7.  Please allow 7 to 10 days for the transfer to complete.

Some of the most common reasons for your prior registrar denying the transfer include:

Not answering their confirmation email in time.
Not answering their confirmation email in the proper format.
The domain is expired or otherwise locked due to nonpayment.

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Domain Name Transfer / Renewal Frequently asked questions 

1. Will the ownership of the domain I am transferring change?
2. What is a domain name transfer?
3. What does the $10.00 fee include when I transfer my domain from other registrar to NextRegister.com?
4. Will my domain's whois information and hosting change?
. What should I do first before I apply for my domain name transfer?
. How can I manage the transfer of my domain name?

  1. Will the ownership of the domain I am transferring change? 
    Absolutely not. 
    The ownership of the domain name will remain the same after the transfer, as it was before the transfer.  You register it, you own it - 100%.

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  2. What is a domain name transfer?
    If you already own a domain name, you probably registered it with another Registrar, such as Register.com or Network Solutions, and you probably paid $35 to register it.  Very likely you will be asked to pay the same amount to renew the domain for another year and continue to pay the same amount year after year.  If you transfer your domain you will enjoy an unbelievable savings on your domain name renewal, since it will cost you only $10.00 - not $35 or $70 to renew your domain name, including Private Whois and other services free of charge. Transferring your domain to us means that your domain will be moved from your existing Registrar to us.

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  3. What does the $10.00 fee include when I transfer my domain from other registrar to NextRegister.com?
    By transferring the domain name to NextRegister.com for $10.00, you get an automatic 1-year extension to the domain registration expiration date.  This will include all Internic charges for 1 year and includes free parking and free private whois.

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  4. Will my domain's whois information and hosting change?
    No, everything on your domain name record will remain the same when you transfer it to NextRegister.com, including your current Hosting company, and DNS record information.  The expiration date is the only thing that will change, which will have an automatic extension of one year from the previous registration date with the losing registrar. 
    If you want to change Hosting companies, or update your domain name contact information, you will be able to make changes to your domain name by using our
    Domain ManagerYou will need your username and password to make any changes. 

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  5. What should I do first before I apply for my domain name transfer?
    Make sure that the admin contact email address on your current domain record is correct. This email address will be used to send the transfer approval and other emails pertaining to your domain transfer. One of the most common reasons for domain transfer to fail, is an old or incorrect email address for the administrative contact of your domain name on the Whois record with the current registrar.  You will also need to disable whois privacy if you are using it, and disable the Transfer Lock and retrieve the authorization code when you unlock your domain name. You will need the auth code when confirming and accepting the domain transfer.

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  6. How can I manage the transfer of my domain name?
    Once the Domain Transfer is finalized by you, your Registrar is responsible for the actual transfer. They may take anywhere from one to several days, depending on their current procedures. If you check on your domain transfer in about 7-10 days from your transfer application, it should show one additional year added to the original expiration date, which is one way of telling that your transfer is now completed and you may start using your control panel.

Some reasons transfer may not be completed are:



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